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Meet the Team

a Small, intimate, highly driven team that strives to give their ultimate best at all times.


Nature Guide

Renata is an enthusiastic and passionate wildlife lover and wildlife photographer who loves to share her knowledge and love for the natural world with everyone especially kids.



Tanya is hard working, dedicated and full of life.

She loves nature and love to spoil our guests.


Right-wing Man

Adriaan is the driven force behind Renata. He motivates, care and sort out everything behind the scene, a passionate man with a soft heart.


Best Support Team

Andre & Magda always ready to help with everything!

The support from them makes a huge difference.

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JCK All & More

Almari from JCK All & More is responsible for all the t-shirts and gifts made for our guests. Everything is custom made specifically for each guest individually.

Studio Portrait

General Assistant

Margaret is the behind the scene lady and there is nothing that misses her eyes. She is a softly spoken lady with high standards and is hard working.

More About Renata

Renata Ewald has been a full time wildlife photographer for the last 18 years and is also a nature guide who is passionate about photography and the natural world.
Spending time with her in the bush will awaken your senses to play with light, be creative and search for that very special moment to capture.
She is an active member of PSSA and has won multiple awards and competitions on different platforms.
She will surely bring out the best on your safari or photographic safari with her.
All of the beautiful photos on this website has been taken by Renata.
She exports wildlife prints worldwide for many years, do calendars and has her own wildlife postcard series.
Currently she is busy with her own wildlife t-shirt range.
Check out the GALLERY to see more of her wildlife images.
Be passionate,be inspired,be creative!
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